Beauty and the Beasts Shows Emma Watson’s Belle For the First Time

October 1, 2016   |   Written by Monica Miller

Beauty and the Beast will have a live action version next year, and it’s already one of the most anticipated movies of 2017, and the teaser trailer broke the records when it was first released, even if it didn’t actually include a peak into the actual characters, and now they finally released the first pictures of Emma Watson as Belle.

Emma Watson seems to be taking roles that only represent her perfectly, as she made her Harry Potter character, Hermione, proud more than once with her HeForShe UN campaign and how dedicated she is to women’s rights and how she is such a good role model for women everywhere, and now she literally turns into a princess, because who else could do it?

And now we finally have the first look into Emma’s Belle, and it’s as enchanting and lovely as it could be, especially the one in the classic yellow dress and seriously, all I want to do is cry because she’s perfect.

The first still looks like something from the beginning of the original animated Beauty and the Beast, with books and everything in the library, and she looks very Belle.

The second still is meant to recreate the dance from the original, where she dances with the beast, played by Dan Stevens, who is known from Downton Abbey.

The movie will be released in theaters in March 17, 2017, and there is such a long time until then!

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